May 13, 2024

The Anne O’Hara Gift of Music

Born into a musical family in Stanley, New Brunswick, on March 11, 1936, Anne was the fifth of fifteen children. While they lacked a lot of material things, they possessed a wealth of talent and their lives were enriched by the priceless gifts of music they shared. Anne’s love of music remained strong throughout her lifetime, and it continues to play an important role in uniting our family and friends.

Music has the power to bring people together from around the world and across generations. It has the power to heal and inspire, and create magical moments of shared joy. It’s a gift that is precious, priceless and timeless.

The goal of “The Anne O’Hara Gift of Music” is to enable and support emerging artists to share their gift of music for years to come and, in so doing, bring people together to experience the shared joy, inspiration and healing power of music. The many notes and lyrics, and melodies and harmonies that follow, are a tribute to a life well lived.

We are honoured to launch “The Anne O’Hara Gift of Music” in her memory. We sincerely hope it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

- Julie, Lorraine and Jocelyn

This Generous legacy donation will go towards supporting emerging artists and artist development at the festival for years to come.

If you are interested in making a legacy donation in honour of a loved one to the Canmore Folk Music Festival Society you can reach out to or donate directly by clicking here.